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Year 8 Induction "Building Our School Community"

  • In May, we will send our new students a booklet about life in the college.

  • In June, our Head of Year 8 and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator will visit our feeder schools to meet the transferring pupils and their teachers. They will share data on the pupils' achievement and any relevant pastoral matters.

  • An Induction Morning for our new pupils will take place in early June. Pupils will complete base-line tests in Literacy and Numeracy and be introduced to the Year 8 Pastoral Team.

  • A Parents' Evening will be held in mid-June to disseminate important information to guardians about the school day, transport, uniform, policies and procedures.

  • A Summer Scheme will be in place for transferring pupils. This will help them put names to faces before they begin school in September.

  • Only our Year 8 group will attend school on the first day of term to help them familiarise themselves with the building and staff.

  • In September, Year 8 pupils will be involved in the Young Enterprise "Your School, Your Business" workshop which helps them to consider their role and responsibility in the school community.

  • At the end of September, parents and pupils will be invited to participate in our Year 8 mass.

  • In October, we will have a trip for Year 8 students to promote friendships and teamwork.

  • In December, parents will have the opportunity to attend a pastoral meeting with their child's Form Teacher to discuss their progress and well-being.

  • Parents receive academic reports in each subject in December and June that indicate areas of strength and areas for improvement.

In Saint Conor's College we do our best to ensure our Year 8 pupils feel happy and secure as quickly as possible. We are fully committed to helping children make the transition process a positive experience.

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