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Key Stage 5 "A Quality Sixth Form Experience"

Saint Conor’s College is committed to providing high quality provision for young people at Key Stage 5. The opportunity presented by our amalgamation to expand and develop our current sixth form offer is incredibly exciting. We are determined to ensure that at sixth form our young people will have access to a range of academic and vocational qualifications that will help them gain the skills and qualifications for higher education or employment. The school will also place emphasis on ensuring pupils have access to a wide range of enrichment activities and extra-curricular opportunities designed to make them active participants in their parishes, community and economy.

The college will collaborate with the schools and colleges in the Rural Learning Partnership to increase the range of subjects on offer each year. Full details of the exciting new curriculum which will be offered for September 2022 will be published in a separate sixth form prospectus in April 2022.


Life in sixth form in St Conor's College, is designed to prepare young people for Higher Education and the world of life and work.

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