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The Pastoral System supports Learning

Pupils are involved in an induction programme to help them make the move from primary school successfully.

Pupils complete baseline assessments to help teachers understand their individual strengths, talents, abilities and learning styles.

Class teachers track pupil progress and ability and communicate with parents and form teachers.

Form teachers regularly monitor pupil attendance, effort, behaviour and progress.

Form Teachers use the pupil planner to communicate with parents if there is a difficulty with a subject, or to draw a parent's attention to their child's achievements.

Parents are encouraged to use the planner to communicate any concerns they may have to their child's Form Teacher or Head of Year.

All pupils are encouraged to regularly reflects on their progress, to set themselves challenging targets and to identify area for improvement.

Support is available for children who are experiencing difficulties in acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to become confident and successful learners.

Parents are encouraged to comment on pupil attainment and to review the teacher feedback at the end of every assessment.

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Individualised Learning Support

All pupils site base-line tests in Literacy and Numeracy in the college which indicate their strengths and areas for improvement. Pupils with Special Educational Needs are identified at an early stage and benefit from well-planned individual support co-ordinated by the SENCO and provided by a highly skilled team of classroom assistants. Class teachers monitor the performance of all pupils in Literacy and Numeracy and devise subject specific strategies to help pupils improve their performance. Individual Education Plants are Behaviour Support Plans are created, monitored and reviewed by staff, pupils and parents in partnership. Targets are set to help pupils acquire a range of skills across the curriculum. In addition, the school liaises with a variety of external agencies to assist pupils who require academic, emotional or physical support. In this way the school supports pupils who are at risk of marginalisation and ensures their inclusion and retention in school.

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