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Key Stage 4 "Meeting the Needs of all Learners"

At Key Stage 4 our pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. The school continually reviews the range of subjects on offer and aims to deliver a future proofed curriculum that fully meets the Entitlement Framework. Children of all abilities are supported and challenged to achieve their full potential. Our goal is to help our pupils achieve the grades and skills they need to progress to the next stage of their education and encourage them to develop the independence, innovation and creativity to attain success at the next level. Pupils at Key Stage 4 benefit from engaging with a Mentor. This one to one contact with a teacher encourages them to focus on their goals and reflect honestly on their progress. Pupils are encouraged to have high expectations and strive for the best grade possible in each of their subjects.

All pupils in Key Stage 4 study English, Maths, Religious Education and Single or Double Award Science. They also have access to a range of general and applied subjects in a carefully crafted Key Stage 4 curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of all learners. Before children select their GCSE options, the careers department offers each young person a guidance interview to enable them to make well-informed choices based on their strengths, ability and chosen career pathway.


Students choose from the following GCSE options:

Geneal Subjects

  • Art

  • English Literature

  • Geography

  • Irish

  • Physical Education

  • Religious Education

  • Business Studies

  • French

  • History

  • Music

  • Polish

  • Spanish

Vocational Subjects

  • Agriculture

  • Business  and Communication Systems

  • Child Development

  • Construction

  • Drama

  • Technology and Design

  • Home Economics

  • Learning for Life and Work

  • Leisure and Tourism

  • Motor Vehicle Studies

  • Occupational Studies

Our College offers every pupil the opportunity to develop their own strengths and talents. We strive to ensure that every pupil is catered for in terms of their academic, sporting, creative and social skills.

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